22 November 2023

Romantic weekend on Lake Garda: inspirations and ideas

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Romantic weekend on Lake Garda to rediscover love, serenity and peace after the lockdown. Giving yourself time is the most precious gift today.

A romantic weekend at Lake Garda to break away from routine and rediscover yourself together. Giving yourself time is the most precious gift today. 
The stresses of everyday life can have a negative impact on a couple's life. This is why it is important to carve out spaces to escape and enjoy the presence of others in the name of serenity, peace and harmony. How? It's all very simple, even a nice romantic weekend on Lake Garda, guests of the il Molino residence in Manerba, might be enough.

Romantic holiday on Garda

Work, daily tasks, stress can be elements that distance us from our partner: it is therefore essential to create moments of detachment from everyday life in which to find and renew harmony and complicity. The benefits of a few days of relaxation as a couple indicated by the experts are many: 

- it will allow you to regain control of the moments and ways to be together,

- it is an opportunity to renew complicity, 

- it will offer many possibilities to have new experiences together,

- it's a way to build memories that will last over time. 

In addition to all this, it is an opportunity to relax together and recharge your energy so that you can face the load of everyday life with a new drive and new energy once you return. There is no destination more suitable for realizing these purposes than a location like Lake Garda, which combines the beauty of landscapes and spectacular views, with a variety of activities and experiences to choose from that combine fun and adventure (such as the many walks and different sports) and relaxation (such as spa areas, villages, food and wine experiences). It's time to renew your complicity as a couple, it's time for a holiday at the il Molino residence.

Love and tranquility: our romantic weekend on Lake Garda

It is not the quantity but the quality of time that makes the difference. Often 3 or 4 days are enough to take a break from daily commitments, recharge our batteries and rediscover inner and couple serenity. However, it is important to choose the right location. Residence il Molino offers you welcoming three-room apartments for your holidays, furnished with style, equipped with all the necessary comforts, perfect for enjoying spring and summer here on Lake Garda.

We leave you some suggestions for your love weekend:
- we are located a few steps from the Romantic beach of Manerba, one of the largest and most beautiful in the country and on the entire western coast of the lake basin. From here you can observe the sunrise, sunset, the colors of the water that reflect the sky and the surrounding nature or simply lie down and look at the beauty of this landscape;

- we are surrounded by wonderful villages, historical centers rich in monuments and natural views not to be missed, suggestive places that deserve your visit. A few examples? We play at home, the Rocca di Manerba, with a breathtaking view from the top of the promontory over the entire lake; Sirmione defined the "pearl of the peninsulas", with the enchanting castle on the water, the historic site of the “Grotte di Catullo” and the historic center with its characteristic streets; above Gargnano, the Hermitage of San Valentino at 772 meters above sea level, with a sanctuary surrounded by nature and set in the rocky wall.

- we are in the center of the Valtenesi hills, rich in prestigious vineyards, land of wines famous all over the world. Why not visit the numerous wineries in the area, with ad hoc paths, with your sweetheart?

A romantic getaway at the Residence Il Molino by the Garda Lake

The opportunities are truly endless, by choosing our residence on Lake Garda you can truly rediscover that peace and feeling that has been sorely tried in recent months. Love must be cultivated and reinvigorated day after day, this is the right place to pamper yourself and give you time, the most precious thing we have.

Romantic weekend on Lake Garda: dream apartments

To ensure that your weekend can be magical and relaxing, the choice of the type of accommodation is essential. It is precisely for this reason that the Molino residence invites you to stay overnight in the apartments of its structure in order to fully enjoy your romantic weekend on Lake Garda. The twelve splendid private accommodations or the extraordinary suites of the latest construction will allow you to have all the privacy, comfort and space you need. Each apartment consists of:
● bedroom
● equipped kitchen and living room with TV
● private bathroom
● large terrace or balcony from where you can observe the surrounding view

The structure is designed to accompany you on the best weekend ever by offering you an outdoor and indoor room for breakfast and a bar service in case you want to have an aperitif before going out for dinner. In addition, the residence has a large swimming pool reserved for the exclusive use of guests and a solarium area equipped to allow you to cool off and tan even once you return to the apartment. The proximity to the Romantica beach and the lakefront of Manerba will allow you to forget about the car that can remain parked comfortably in the parking space reserved for you. You can explore the surrounding areas on foot using the pedestrian paths or renting a bicycle for an adventurous weekend. All this in the comfort of an accommodation that will guarantee you a peaceful and restorative rest, just what you need during a weekend on Lake Garda.

Romantic weekend on Lake Garda with dogs

If you are worried about your four-legged friend and you want to spend a romantic weekend, but in the company of your trusty dog, you don’t need to fear. Il Molino residence is a pet-friendly facility and will be happy to welcome your dogs. All three-room apartments located on the first floor are accessible to animals. In this way you can guarantee safety and relaxation even to your four-legged friends. As for the activities to do in company of your dogs, you will be happy to know that not far from the residence you can find the Fido Beach, a beach dedicated to fun and relaxation of people and dogs. Umbrellas and deck chairs can be hired, while insulating mats for your trusted friends are offered free of charge. No fear of sunburn, for a romantic weekend on Lake Garda in company of your best friends. The beach also provides bowls with water, shaded areas, an area for walking and bags are available for the collection of their needs. If we have not convinced you yet, we remind you that the residence is connected to the city and to the lakefront by walkable paths that you can use for a romantic stroll. No need to use the car, which you know is not always appreciated by our four-legged friends. You can forget about the traffic and the search for parking and enjoy a romantic weekend on Lake Garda in the company of the people you love most.

A romantic getaway with an eye on the environment

As you will have understood by now, the Residence il Molino is truly the perfect place to enjoy a weekend of love with your partner: located on the wonderful western coast of the lake, the structure is very close to the most iconic and romantic places of the lake basin. Our ultra-modern Suites for two are truly the ideal location in which to dedicate a few special days with the person who makes our heart beat faster. Something that perhaps you don't know is that our residence has an ecological soul and that attention to environmental issues, alongside careful customer care, is one of our missions! 
In 2023 we installed solar panels on the roof of the structure, which allow us to heat water and produce extra energy in an absolutely eco-sustainable way. We have also set up a charging station for electric cars in order to encourage our guests to reach us with increasingly greener means. We also usually offer our guests separate waste collection to try to reduce the production of polluting waste as much as possible. We have always been keen to guide our guests to discover the area they are visiting also through the consumption of local zero-mile food and wine products such as citrus fruits, oil, wines and lake fish. So, what are you waiting for to book your romantic getaway in contact with the territory and the environment?
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